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     Household, personal, and family debts are all covered the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act  (FDCPA). This act was written into law to protect consumers from unreasonable and undesirable actions on the part of debt collectors.

     Debt collectors other than the original creditor may include anyone who collects debts for others on a regular basis, including collections agencies, attorneys who regularly collect debts, or companies that regularly acquire debts after they are allegedly in default. Debts included in (FDCPA) include money owed for medical care, non-business charge accounts, credit cards, old utilities bills such as phones, and personal loans.

     Contacting you before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. in your local time zone by debt collectors is against the FDCPA. The debt collector is responsible for being aware of all time zones they are calling. Debt collectors are not allowed to contact you at work if they know that your employer does not permit it. If you are represented by an attorney and the debt collector knows you have an attorney, they must not contact you personally, period!

     Collectors are not allowed under the FDCPA to verbally or in any other way harass you by using obscene language or abuse you by threatening harm. They also can not discuss with your relatives, neighbors, friends, employer and credit references that you owe debt. In addition, debt collectors may not contact you without identifying who they are, or accept a postdated check and post it prior to it's date.

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